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9th December 2015

The Pi Podcast #10 – Dr Lucy Rogers


AstroPi units are en route! (Astro Pi website)

The MagPi issue 40 with Raspberry Pi Zero sold out within hours and retails sold out of stock really quickly. One on eBay UK for £50.

Raspbian gets updated

Entropy drought hits Raspberry Pi harvests, weakens SSH security

MicroSD cards tested official test write up

Ethernet On Pi Zero – How To Put An Ethernet Port On Your Pi using ENC28J60 over SPI

Raspberry Pi 2016 calendar is for sale

PiWars happened. A great video by South London Raspberry Jam of one of the competitors. Raspberry Pi blog post


Dr. Lucy Rogers

Dr. Lucy Rogers is a freelance consultant engineer writer and journalist, specialising in astronomy, space flight and engineering.


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