The Pi Podcast #16 – Raspberry Pi 3 Special with Eben Upton

The Pi Podcast #16 – Raspberry Pi 3 Special with Eben Upton

The Pi Podcast is a show by members of the Raspberry Pi community for the Raspberry Pi community.



There’s only one thing to talk about: the Raspberry Pi 3!

We speak to Eben Upton in detail about what’s new and improved and what was involved in developing this new Pi.

Joe made a video comparing the speed of the Pi 3 with the Pi 2.

Ubuntu MATE 15.10 is available for the Pi 3 and the Ubuntu Pi Flavour Maker has been updated




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  1. Marc

    About 1GB 23:16 – “There hasn’t been a factor 2 bloat in RAM usage”…
    Hm, what about 64-bit?

    Forward looking statement: If the foundation goes into software squeeze mode on this architecture they might miss the peak compute battle which is minimum USB3 speed and around 14nm lito.

  2. No TA

    This maybe be a new Pi but more customer are noticing the in click bullying on Pi forums. People get baited, goaded, posts filled with unicorn comments or recipe posts and posts get deleted while other posters brag about getting posts delete. Is that acceptable in today’s world, a lower cast system? I’m sure fan boys will justify it!

  3. HenryV

    Good news. I am looking forward to get one ASAP; this will probably replace my Atom based always on laptop. I hear that there with future software updates later this year the real world performance will leap again.

    I hope 4 sees something done about us gaining access to proper storage and decent wired networking.

  4. Esteban

    Love your podcast. Glad that you covered raspberry pi 3. The few places I went to, were sold out. But as was brought out, the supply will increase.

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  6. William Pervin

    I want to use the Raspberry Pi 3 in 64-bit mode; I want an assembler that will recognize and assemble 64-bit code; I want a C compiler that accepts 64-bit code; I want a lot of things but have no idea if they are available.

    • Bob Plantz

      I want the same thing. I’m about half way through porting my x86-64 introductory assembly language book to a version using the Raspberry Pi. I would love to be able to do it in 64-bit.

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