The Pi Podcast #13 – RetroPie

The Pi Podcast #13 – RetroPie

The Pi Podcast is a show by members of the Raspberry Pi community for the Raspberry Pi community.



Raspberry Picademy USA dates and location announced

Tiny Core Linux 7.0 available for the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Foundation are hiring

PiZero being manufactured in Wales – should be more available soon.

PiZero Cluster – Backplane

UK BETT – Raspberry Pi and Code Club out in force.

Sam Aaron presented on the big stage about SonicPi – video interview

Pi-topCEED at BETT



RetroPie is distro for the Raspberry Pi that contains emulators for all sorts of classic gaming systems.



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  2. Billy

    In this podcast Albert talks about a couple of cheap USB controllers used with the retropie. Could you please post a link to them?

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